luni, 6 septembrie 2010

Alexuuu&TDK, Ciprian Iordache - ahora si EP

Pentru un preview audio, click AICI!

Chube.ka - love it , support it for sure

Francesco Gemelli : very nice ep , luis vae & farshad remixes for me i will play it

Cristian Viviano : nice ep "original & luis vae" i will play! support! thanks

aldo cadiz : nice ep , original mix gooood track , support i will play very good

Markus Homm : sounds good all tracks sound goodfunctional and groving

Pedro Campos : the LUIS VAE remix is my favorite. i will play for sure! Ahora si !!

Manu-L : Luis Vae remix is the one for me! Nice Ep Support

antonio de angelis : nice ep support durante & evo nice vibe!!!

Larsen : Nice ep. I like the original & luis vae rmx , support

David Labeij : nice ep , keep rocking

Tom Ruijg : Really nice tracks. very cool EP

Luca Bortolo : nice ep, luis remix, i will play it

Dave Ellesmere : love the deep trippy vibe in durante & evo rmx ...the whole ep is reall solid

Olderic (Terminal M / Bitten / Natural Rhythm ltd) : "Great package, Luis Vae remix is the one for me

Felix Neumann : nice ep! will test and support it!!

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