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Release Yourself Radio Show #537 - Guest Mix From Lucien Foort

Release Yourself With Roger Sanchez: 537
Part 1
Chris Mackay – The Hell With It (Witty Tunes)
Yeray Sanfiel – Ionosfera (Witty Tunes)
Miskia & Simon T – It’s Not A Game (Sound Of Square)
Oscar L & J Louis – Bridge (Witty Tunes)

Part 2
Hot Download
Boy George & Marc Vedo Feat. Drew Jaymson – Don’t Take The Night [Marc Vedo Re-Edit] (VG Records)
Miguel Picasso – The Beat Conductor (Stereo Productions)
Federico Scavo – Solaris (White)
Superchumbo Feat. Celeda – Fire [Pablo Ceballos Remix] (Nervous Records)

Part 3
Release Yourself Spotlight
Eran Hersh & Darmon Yos Feat. Giuseppe Viola – Don’t Go Away (GF Recordings)
Riva Starr & Fat Boy Slim – Get Naked [Club Mix] (Snatch!)
Audio Bastardz – 20Hz (Free For All)
Bobby Burns – Next (Stealth Records) | Preview at: http://bit.ly/wyjSzS

Part 4
Release Yourself Exclusive
Roger Sanchez & Sidney Samson – Flashing Lights [Sanchez Vs Yvan & Dan Daniels Remix] (Stealth Records)
Schumacher Vs Phunk Invstigation – Believe (White)
Steven Lee Feat. Carol C – Time Goes On [Low Kiss & Ryan Riback Remix] (Hyserical)
Chris Moody – Rock Me (Stealth Records) | Buy it on Beatport: http://bit.ly/wHaQI3

Part 5
Lucien Foort Guest Mix
Tracklist currently unavailable

Part 6
Guest Mix Cont.
Tracklist currently unavailable

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